Catch The Good Tide

Full of natural goodness

Wild, hand-selected crab, caught by independent fishermen, sourced from the clean, coastal waters of the Atlantic.

Full of natural goodness Catch The Good Tide Seagull Waves

Our Good Tide

Bringing good things your way

The North Atlantic is our Good Tide: one of the world’s biggest tides and a vast, relentless flow that keeps the sea clean and clear. In these waters tropical and arctic currents collide creating nutrient rich seas and some of the world’s best seafood, full of flavour & natural goodness.

North Atlantic is our Good Tide
Crab Our Range

Our Range

100% wild, natural crab meat

Our current range includes a White Crab meat and a White & Brown Crab meat available at Sainsbury’s, but keep a look out, as we will be extending our range over the next few months!

100% wild, natural crab meat
How We Fish

How We Fish

Traditionally sustainable

Our crab are caught using traditional techniques that have many sustainable credentials. It’s a labour intensive, manual process is fishing for crab, that hasn’t really changed for hundreds of years, all of which helps to minimise its impact on the marine environment. The crab pots don’t damage the seabed. The crabs are hand selected to ensure young and egg carrying crabs are placed back in the sea.

Making sustaibability a priority

Future Seas UK

Protecting our seas for the future

It’s just good old-fashioned common sense that a seafood company should seek to protect and ensure the viability of the sea for future generations. This is why we're putting our money where our mouth is and have established our 'Future Seas UK’ programme to invest… clean and healthy. We’re just setting out on this journey so watch this space for more news.

Protecting our seas for the future

Five Easy Crab Meals


Grab-a-Crab Sandwich

Add mayo, a squeeze of lemon, chopped chives and a dash of Tabasco to crab meat. Serve on crusty granary bread.

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Crab Scrambled Eggs

Swap the usual smoked salmon for sweet, delicate crab meat, ideal as an indulgent, lazy-weekend breakfast.

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Crab Linguine

Gently heat some chilli, garlic, parsley and crab in olive oil for a couple of minutes. Mix through with long pasta, and finish with a squeeze of lemon, a twist of pepper. Ready in 10.

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Baked Potato with Crab

Mix crème fraîche, wholegrain mustard and parsley with your crab meat. Then dollop on top of a piping-hot, baked potato.

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Crab Salad

Toss your crab meat with mango, avocado and red onion rings. Dress the mixture with chilli, lime and olive oil, and serve on a bed of crisp lettuce.

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Omega 3

Did you know, you need just 80mg per 100g to label your food as 'High in Omega-3'. Crab has up to a whopping 1700mg per 100g Omega-3.


You don't need to be pumping iron to covet the low fat protein that crab provides, it’s great for counteracting muscle loss


Crab like many shellfish is a great source of minerals, including: selenium, phosphorus and essential vitamin B2